Satsuma Sherb Seeds (12)



Mother: M3 (mimosa no.3)

Father: G41 x Sherb bx1

Flower Time: 60-65

Terps: Orange cream bubblegum, mandarin rock candy gas, orange smarty fuel, candied mandarins.

Hash Returns: 3-4.5% packaged rosin

Growth: Very easy plants to grow. Super vigorous, thick stems, quick growth, quick stretch.

Strain info:

Satsuma Sherb is a very special strain to us. The mother that we used in this I’ve had since 2015. I selected M3 from a pack of mimosa seeds I got from @symbioticgenetics at the original drop day of there purple punch line. I was about 13th in line at South Sac Care Collective and on this first release they only allowed one pack of mimosa per person. I scooped a pack and in that pack I found two keepers mimosa 3 and mimosa 4. Mimosa 3 is my favorite orange profile to this date and mimosa 4 smelled nothing like mimosa, it smelled like strawberry so we nicknamed it strawberry jelly. Mimosa 3 was coated top to bottom in beautiful white resin. Some the prettiest green weed that I’ve seen to date. In 2016 and 2017 we placed 4th with full sun M3 in the Emerald personal use category. This was before the culture dried up and died at emerald cup. You know, the last couple years @3rd_gen_familyfarm was still aloud to do his thing and sweep. When there was still around 500 entries of flower in the category. A couple years later my partner at Booney Acres had made a really nice selection of Gelato41 x Sherb bx1 for breeding so we decided to pollinate M3 amongst a hand full of other selections with this g41xsherbbx1 male. This pollination was done in the Trinity alps in hügels fed only KNF (Korean natural farming) inputs. These seeds have been a treat to grow. The M3 is extremely dominant in the seed stock, about 70% of the profiles we’re variations of mandarin and orange candy terps in the hunt. The first release of this strain was limited so I’m really excited to get more out to the public.


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